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Patents Awarded

  1. US Patent # 9,751,785 Photocatalytic reduction of oxo-anions, Doudrick, K., Hristovski, K., Westerhoff, P. (September 5, 2017)
  2. US Patent # 9,878,320 Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Metal Dioxide Based Hybrid Media, Hristovski, K., Westerhoff, P. (January 1, 2018)
  3. US Patent # 10,435,311 Low temperature synthesis of aluminum hydr(oxide) inside porous media, Hristovski, K., Markovski, J., Westerhoff, P., Sinha, S. (October 8, 2019)
  4. US Patent 10,427,194 Microwave-Enabled Thermal Remediation of Organic Chemical Contaminated Soils using Dielectric Nanomaterials as Additives, Westerhoff, P., Dahlen, P., and Apul, O. , (10/1/2019).
  5. US Patent  Additive-Amplified Microwave Pretreatment of Wastewater Sludge, Apul, O., Dahlen, P., Westerhoff, P. U.S. patent number of 10,590,020 (March 17, 2020)
  6. US Patent # 10,793,449 B2  FIBER – OPTIC INTEGRATED MEMBRANE REACTOR, Westerhoff, P., Hristovski, K., Sinha, S. (Oct. 6, 2020)
  7. US Patent 10,787,374 B2 SILVER – IMPREGNATED TWO – DIMENSIONAL STRUCTURES FOR BROMIDE REMOVAL, Perreault, F., Westerhoff, P., Apul, O., Sinha, S. (Sept. 29, 2020)
  8. US Patent. 2020/0290014 A1 NANO – ENABLED ACTIVATED CARBON BLOCKS TO ENABLE REMOVAL OF OXYANIONS FROM WATER, Cai, Z., Mollema, S.A., Atkinson, A.J., Hristovski, K.D., Markovski, J.S., Westerhoff, P. (September 17, 2020)

Nanomaterial Detection and Exposure

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Nanotechnology for the Environment

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Bulk and Trace Organic matter

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Disinfection, Oxidation & DBPs

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Nitrate & Other Oxy-Anions

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Wastewater Reuse & Additional Sustainability Research


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